Is my 60mbps service big enough?

Is my 60mbps service big enough to run Esel and Vcarve? or do I need to have my provider jack it up to 100?
And I’m going to purchase a dual band router how big should I get? Thanks Sam

Pretty sure the traffic is minimal. Video card may be vastly more influential.


50 megs here no issues added ram and video card much better now


I can’t really think of anything 60mbps isn’t enough for actually.

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you dont need web service to run the Vcarve software

Your network really shouldn’t be an issue for this. I’m running 35 with no problems at all. And investing in a dual-band router for this alone seems a waste of money to me. A dual-band router can give you greater wireless bandwidth to work with, but it’s going to go through gigabit ethernet ports back to the modem which is 35 mbps in my case, 60 in your case. A greater benefit of the dual band router is that it may help you separate casual users from power users on your network. Or, if you live in a neighborhood of tightly packed homes you may find that the channels are crowded causing an unstable connection sometimes. A dual band router may give you a cleaner signal if you can use the 5ghz channels. That assumes your network card supports 5ghz. My 2 cents anyway.