Is my GShield DOA?

Hey guys,

Got my xCarve, and started putting everything together, and i’m at the part where we hook everything up and see what happens.

Well, the Arduino connects just fine to the PC, drivers are loaded, everything is good to go. Once I connect the GShield to it, the Arduino no longer responds, and it doesn’t show up in the computer.

Observe: Private Video on Youtube

I am only running bare minimum on the board to make sure that it’s nothing crazy. Thanks for your help and insight. Can’t wait to get to the ‘dialed in’ part.

This is a symptom of mis-matched pins between the Arduino and the gShield. Make sure that the gShield is plugged into the Arduino properly. It’s very easy to plug it in with mis-aligned pins.

Some people take the boards out of the enclosure where you can see the pin alignment for testing.

Also, some people have had to plug the Arduino into a powered hub to get reliable USB connections.

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It’s rather tricky to get both cards stacked properly together in the casing.
I tested them outside first and everything was good, but I had to strugle for quite a while before they popped correctly in place in the box.

I think the box should have been designed in another way.
First a bottom plate with the holes for the Arduino, the bottom plate should have “ears” with holes pointing up, to fasten the walls. The walls could be just like they are on todays box with holes to match the ears on the bottom plate.
This way the cards can easily be fit together.

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That did the trick, it must have been mis-aligned. It’s working now!

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