Is the Dewalt setup like the original Spindle was?

I am buying the X-Carve soon and noticed that the Dewalt 611 is now the default spindle. Does Easel set the speed on it now and are the directions changed to direct wire the Dewalt instead of using a plug?

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Good question, I ordered mine and just received it, kinda thought the same thing.

Does your Dewalt have a plug on it?

I am stuck at work right now, but as soon as I get home, I will check and if possible post some pics of what it looks like. Sorry that wasn’t much help right now.

The DeWalt you get with your kit will be a stock Dewalt router. It will be manually controlled by you and plugged directly into an outlet. People have modified them to be controlled via software though, either just on and off with a relay or by use of a device called a super-pid.

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Cool. I was just curious. I have read many of the write ups on wiring and the relay. Thanks.

No problem! i have the Makita and I’m currently just operating it manually which seems to work fine. I have some relays on order though which will be nice to have it that little bit more automated. Good luck with your machine!