Is the g-shield compatible with the 48-volt power supply?

I’ve just finishing the installation of the 48-volt power supply in order to use the 48-volt spindle. I also connected the power supply to the g-shield. I used the machine setup procedure in Easel. The steppers all worked correctly until I noticed the chips on the g-shield were getting very hot to the point of sparking. Did I make a mistake connecting 48 v to the g-shield or is it more likely a wiring short somewhere else?
I’d be interested to hear if any of you have used the 48v power supply successfully.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Looks like I’ve fried the Y-axis chip on the shield.

The G-Shield is rated for 12-30 volts DC. I assume it is toast at this point. Sorry.

Thanks for answering my question. I’ll have to order a new shield and switch to a 24-volt power supply for the shield. I’ll use the 48-volt supply just for the spindle (I did order a 48-volt spindle).

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Thanks for the tip. I should have checked the specs.

You could also use a buck voltage regulator to drop the 48 volts down to 24 for the gShield.

Hi @WolfgangGuenther, for a while I used a 48 volt spindle with my X-Carve. I ended up with two power supplies, one for the Arduino, Shield and motors and one for the spindle. It worked fine but you have two things to turn on.

I too am running dualpower supplies, the standard 24 volt for the arduino/gshield and steppers and a 48 volt for the 48v 300W spindle. I also have a speed controller tied in to regulate the spindle speed.

Yup 2 switches to toggle butit’s not a big deal as long as I remember to start teh spindle BEFORE I hit “send” … :scream:

I have four (4) power supplies on my system - 48, 24, 12, 5. All are run from one switch and one power cord.