Is the xcarve x axis extrusion worth the cost?

Hi guys! I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on some xcarve parts. I’m wondering, for those of you who upgraded your shapeoko 2, did you find that the xcarve x axis extrusion was much of an improvement over the old two plate shapeoko 2 method?

I like the simplicity of the extrusion and it totally makes sense to simplify part count and assembly for new machines, but is it worth the added cost when I already have my x axis assembled and ready to swap?

YES! I upgraded my Shapeoko 2 because of the new X axis extrusion. That combined with the new Z axis assembly and ACME rod makes the entire machine much more rigid. Plus having the motor mounted below the motor plate and using a belt and pulley really helps with clearance issues I had with the SO2 spindle.

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A bit late to this party, but @AllenMassey, did the upgrade come with the circular GT2 belt for the Z axis?

I bought the x axis extrusion and think it’s a worthy upgrade, FWIW.

The z axis plate does not include the closed loop belt. You will need to buy the plate, an 8mm pulley for your threaded shaft as well as a 5mm pulley for nema 17 motors ( 1/4 for nema 23), as well as some m3 panhead screws to hold the bearing in the plate.

Yes the upgrade kit did include the z drive belt as well as the belts needed for X and Y axis.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood your question. I bought parts individually rather than the shapeoko upgrade pack.