Is there a bundle to upgrade xcarve from 500 to 1000mm

I’m looking at pricing the size upgrade on my XC from 500 to 1000. There does not seem to be a bundled parts list for this and I don’t want to miss anything.

does anyone have a list of parts needed for this size upgrade? I’d like to see it with the waste board parts separated as I may just make my own and save some cash.

I’d also be interested in a bundle like this. I find myself using doublesided tape over clamps often, so I could also just create my own wasteboard as shipping to Canada for the 1000m was insane.

I may eventually need this too. Possibly omit the wiring too.

I asked inventables about this a few months ago and they didn’t seem interested. I would be interested in this.

seems like all you would need is maker slides and a wasteboard for the 1000mm sizing and wiring to match. everything else is either the same or an upgrade.

Don’t forget longer belts. :wink:

Thanks I assumed belting and cabling couldn’t be reused but drag chain and brackets could. Also skipped the wasteboard. Couldn’t find the M4 Nuts on site. I get $293.11. Not to bad of a price my bigger issue is space in the garage. Maybe one day.