Is there a CAD Drawing of X-carve that I can easily import into Autodesk Fusion?

I have seen CAD type drawings before, but not for Fusion.
Does anybody have one?

have you tried to choose “download as” and then choose whichever file type you need to use to import?

the choice you have are

  1. IGES
    2, STL
  2. Parasolid
  3. ACIS
  4. JT
  5. VRML

look at that, it does work.
It seems the drawing referenced is a 750mm X-Carve. Do you know, is there a drawing for a 1k?

that I do not know. the link I used was from the assembly instructions for the 1000 X 1000 size? maybe a bad link from Inventables? I do notice that under drawings that it list the silkscreen and waste board as 1000mm