Is there a Material like MDF

I sort like the idea of MDF but don’t like the down falls of it. Does anyone know of a btter material. Thanks

What material properties are you looking for?

some that is wider than stand lumber. I can take MDF and saw it down to size but I dislike the fuzzy nature of MDF. It would be nice to know how to get rid of the fuzz and make it look like wood.

MDF is very easy to sand smooth, then you can seal it with a sanding sealer and paint.

Or you can use plywood which is a step up from MDF.

Or you can glue narrow pieces of pine or poplar together to make a piece as wide as you want.

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Biggest drawback of MDF is its affinity for water. There is a moisture resistant version available that’s not too bad.

I will head to Home Depot and get the sanding sealer. thanks

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