Is there a way of using thingiverse projects?

Ive seen some projects on thingiverse, e.g… a gun. is it possible to take these files and import to say easel to create in two halves and glue together just playing about.

Currently you can’t import 3D models into Easel. You can import into something like MeshCam and generate G-Code which could then be sent to the X-Carve using UGS (universal g-code sender).

I’ve recently downloaded fusion 360, is this a start to finish package that can be used with x-carve??

You still need G Code sender to send Gcode Fusion creates. And delicate operation. Enough info you can find by searching on this forum.

@GavinBrookes - I use Fusion 360 for more complex cuts on my Shapeoko 2/XCarve. I agree with @AlanDavis too. You must be mindful. Fusion 360 can generate gcode commands that may not be applicable to your machine setup - WCS commands particularly. You also have to use GCode Sender. Fusion 360 does not send it’s gcode output directly to the XCarve. I would 2nd @AlanDavis suggestion and review some of the Fusion 360 posts on the forum. I would also create a simple test object in Fusion, setup your tool paths, export the grbl code, then review the code line by line. You’ll see what Fusion inserts and then you can decide if it’s fitting for your machine. It’s a great way to understand the gcode, if nothing else.

All that said, I love Fusion 360. It’s very powerful and relatively easy to use. I still find it incredible that Autodesk gives it free to hobbyists. My upcoming project is to cut a Halo MA37 rifle. All the design and tool path was done in Fusion.

Bets of luck!