Is there a way to combine parts?

all these parts I have drawn are basically all separated lines with separate nodes.
is there a way to combine all of them? I want them to be a fill not an outline.

did you tried selecting all of them and combine? right click and select combine,

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yeah. and this is what I get

Make them all solids first then combine then you can switch back to outlines.

i have the pickup routes, neck pocket and control cavity in an easel project, but without the wire channel. i never use them, so i didn’t design them in

(edit) if you’d like them, i mean

complete with screw hole starters for the bridge

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Christopher, wow thank you! but it wont load!!

It looks like the lines on your original post are not continuous or there are broken segments. If you want to post a share to your project file, I could see if that is the case.

they are broken segments. that’s why I’m trying to combine them. I’m lost!! :slight_smile:

did you import a drawing or did you make it in Easel?

Currently, Easel can combine closed shapes but not segments.

edit* You have to share your project under the file menu and click save before I can open it.

the drawing was imported. it was taken from a pdf blueprint and saved as an svg.

clicked save!

Do you have access to a vector drawing program such as Illustrator or Inkscape? You need to join/weld your segments first before importing.

ok. that makes sense. I do use inkscape. thank you!

I looked at your project and the rest of the shapes have the same issue. None of them are joined. You’ll run into the same issue of trying to set the cut to an outline.

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Thanks phil! The forum is so full of stuff it’s hard to find things sometimes

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I think we’ll see something eventually. There’s a delicate balance to keep to the mission of the software, which is to be easy to use and beginner friendly.

Anyone remember Photoshop 1 in 1990?

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there is also a nice tutorial series on youtube, just look for the channel call inventables. The young lady there shows nice tips that you may not be aware of. There is also a gentleman, who made something that roles and had some interesting combining techniques.

Example: Though he is discussing tabs, pay attention to how he merges elements into the circles.
Using Tabs for perfect parts - Making an Oloid

I am a flippin idiot I just spent like 3 hours trying to figure it out only then stumbling upon your comment lol!

I’m glad that you found a solution. Sometimes it’s hard to find what you are looking for in these forums. Too much info flowing.