Is there a way to copy Easel Local's X-Carve configuration to a different machine?

In my house I do most of my design work on my iMac upstairs. When I set up my X-Carve I used my MacBook Pro, but now I’m using a Raspberry Pi.

When I create a .nc file in Easel from my iMac, it doesn’t know that I have limit switches or an automatic spindle so all that stuff has to be done manually when I run the file. This means I have to babysit the machine because when the job finishes it doesn’t go home or shut off the spindle. But, when I create a .nc file from Easel on my MBP, it builds in the commands to turn the spindle on/off and go home at the end of the job.

Is there a way to sync the config files between machines? Maybe tie them to a username or something? I’d rather not lug my X-Carve up to my office and plug it in just to run a 5-second configuration routine, but Easel Local’s setup won’t complete without talking to the machine.


I’m new here, so don’t have any experience with Easel, X-Carves, imac’s or Rasberry Pi’s. However… I had a similar issue with my 3D printer, updating the Arduino. In the end I simply bought a 5m long usb lead works a treat and saves the hassle of moving machinery around !!

All the best hope this helped