Is there a way to program breaks in the middle of a carve?

I’m attempting to make a cribbage board. it has a ton of holes, and I don’t want the bit to over heat, so after every 20 holes, maybe raise the bit for 1 minute to cool off from cutting? if this makes sense? I know y’all are geniuses, so maybe there is another way to make it easy?

When the bit goes up hit the pause button.

its a 20hr project…i need to be able to program.

If you want to slit it up just draw a square over the part you don’t want to carve and set it to 0 depth. Then when you get the first part done cover it and uncover the part that is left. You can cover as much or as little as you want.

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Cribbage board holes should take closer to 20 minutes than 20 hours depending on the number of tracks. Even a 4 track board with scoring holes, etc. is less than 500 holes that aren’t really big or deep … can you share at least the hole part of the project or screenshots? May be a setting or two that could make a big difference.

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