Is there a way to set font size?

I need to know how to set the font size. Is there a way to search for it?

Do you mean a specific font size in terms of pixels or actual height?

In Easel the simple answer is no, you just adjust the actual letters to the size you like in your project. The scaling/size indicator will work with the width but not the height so its a visual thing until you turn the copy from text to an object. Then the measurements will read correctly.


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Thank you for the “Welcome”. Along with reading on your forum I’m also about ½-way through your book. A week ago, I wasn’t sure what CNC stood for. Now I not only do I know what it stands for I can also spell it. Woo-hoo on a roll.

On your forum I didn’t see any way to post a topic. I see you provided a link. Thank you. Is there a way to search topics?
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