Is there a way to start a cut from your end cut position?

Hey Guys,I have a question. Can you start a cut from the end of the cut. I am cutting out a name, and the last part didn’t cut all the way through. I wanted to know if you can start the cut from the last part, instead of cutting the whole design again.


Sometimes when i have a board that isn’t completely flat and part of it cuts too shallow, i’ll go into easel and just put a white square over the part that cut out good, and leave the part that needs to be cut again showing. Then when im at x,y zero ill lower my z axis lower than when i did the first carve. That way it doesnt waste time on the good part, and will just cut the part thats too shallow deeper


Aka a shape (square) set to 0 depth and set to “pocket cut type” appears white in color. So after adding the shape youd need to set the depth to 0 and it becomes a masking like Johanthan is refeencing here.
Works very well.

I do suggest verifying the toolpath by running the simulation and inspecting the resulting toolpath just to be sure youve covered everything as intended :+1:

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