Is there a way to Start in center instead of corner?

Cutting a frame it did not go evenly around was off by 3/8. Is a there a way to start in center instead?

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Move the center of your image to 0, 0 instead of centering it on the material. Then make sure to set your XYZ to be the exact center of your material.

Watch this video around the 8 min marker How to use Easel CNC Software to carve this catch all tray - YouTube


This one here from Phillip (aka pawpaw) shows center aligent even better than my tray one :grin:

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Hi sorry to contact you like this but I can’t see to be able to create a question. I hope you can help. I am trying to make a clock face and pocket out the numbers. 1,2,3,5,7 are ok but when it comes to the round numbers 0,6,8,9 it wants to pocket out the whole shape and not leave the centre. Any ideas how I get it to leave the middle?
Many thanks

clock face may be to small or change to a V bit

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Can you share the easel project?

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