Is there a way to use a radiused bit for the edge of a carve?

I am making backplates for a guitar out of plexiglass. They are 1/8" thick. The design requires a radiused edge (3/16"). Is there a way to enter this bit into the bit library? I do I need to trick the tool into thinking I’m using a v-bit and just experiment until I get it right? Or is there some other way I’m not thinking of? Thanks!

Depending on your desired result, you can just run a profile (outline) cut. You may have to offset the path (again, depending on your desired outcome), and if you want a 3/16 radius to be tangent (no corner edge on top) on 1/8 material, you will have to cut deeper than 1/8th.
What kind of bit do you have?

My bit is a 3/16" radius roundover with no bearing (3/8 wide). The intent is not to get a full 90 degrees of roundover but rather a convex “bevel” as is rises up from the outline of the shape. And I think you’ve answered my question. Thanks!

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