Is there any how to install the sideboard?

Doesn’t look to be in the instructions. Any how to with pictures out there?

You may find that the m5x8 bolts are too short. You might need to use some m5x10s …

Good to know I don’t have to do the sideboard until later on. I was worried I’d have to be able to flip the wasteboard so was scared to move forward until I got more info on it! That’s going to be a problem! I had gone to my local hardware store to buy extra m5 button caps and they don’t have any button cap head screws! :frowning: even more depressing is I am missing parts! The very first step and I already can’t move forward. I was not sent any aluminum angle brackets! Only got the 4 for the wasteboard… :frowning: wonder how long it will take to get my parts…

The side-board is optional and definitely something you can do last (if at all)

If you are referring to these there should have been some included with the side-board. you could always use those one in the meantime. Canadian Tire has a limited selection on metric bolts… i had success in finding some extra ones there…

Yes but I need 6… :frowning:

I don’t know where you are Kasey, I’m in Alberta, but almost any city or large town will have a bolt supply house and they all carry a good selection of metric bolts.

That’s unfortunate. you will need 4 for the sideboard… and you are right, at least 6 for the wasteboard…

Call them tomorrow and see what they can do …

Gahh, they where hidden in the dragchain wrapping for some strange reason!

@GordRock I live in a fairly small town, they did have some m5 screws but no button head, I will continue my search at a few other stores to see.

This is confusing, I got to put 12 m5 t nuts into each and every rail?

Inventables is very efficient at wrapping…:slight_smile:

yep… the t-nuts will be what hold the angle brackets… the arrows are telling you where approximately they are to go… take your time with it…

oh… and its 12 total for all the rails. the red arrows tell you where they should go…

Anyone else have a gap? It’s a homemade wasteboard. Will this affect anything?

Hi Kasey,

This will try patience a bit but loosen the screws and ensure the rails are nice and tight together (square is important…). Once the rails are tight (no gaps) then you can tighten the screws.

Gaps will likely cause your rails to be off square… and cause you issues down the road.

Trust me… take the time needed up front to put it all together…


I just assembled the sideboard several days ago and I found the directions to be a little backwards when it came to screws. The m5 screws they called for at the beginning we’re definitely too short. I kept plugging along and found that I had to swap some of the screws around and at the end everything worked out great. I’m at work at the moment but when I get home I’ll look and see what I ended up doing. The key for me was determining how many screws I had for each part of the sideboard and parceling them out appropriately by total number. You should have just enough screws for each part.

Hope this made some kind of sense. I’ll write back once I check mine out.

Good luck!!

Should be 12 total on this step. Two for each corner bracket.

Thank you for all the useful information! I made my own wasteboard and to make those keyhole slots on the sides I landed up drilling a pilot hole using a forstner bit and drilled down 5mm then drilled the hole with a 7/32 bit and used a coping saw and cut out the slot. Some of my slots where pretty tight after a good 20 minutes I was able to play around with all the slots and got all the rails pretty much up against each other and square! Tightened everything up and looks like I’m good to go!

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Maybe you could help me out with this one.

I am currently on the step of installing the homing switch. In the instructions the roller actuator pointing down and outside and the white text is visible, however when I do this, the text is not visible. Am I doing something wrong?

I’ll check mine when I get home from work… but offhand you should be good to go.

Hopefully others can chime in for you before I get home…

customer support has got my back, I guess the switch was supposed to face the other way!

You good to go…?