Is there any page that directly compares what is different between the 2015 and 2016 xcarve?

So I am about to buy an X-Carve and I am wondering what I should buy! Was hoping to both get information on the difference between both xcarves, and also wanting your opinion on what I should get. I see the 2015s are on sale for a lower price, also I am Canadian so the exchange rate and shipping kind of kills me. What do you guys think?

The 2016 version is the original with the most common upgrades done by customers. What I mean is if you buy the 2015 model you will probably at some point do all the upgrades that are included in the 2016 model. There are a few in this forum that have no upgrades to their machines and are very happy. So you have to ask yourself what are you planning to cut. In my honest opinion, the original arduino/gshield combination is the weakest point in the setup. So the X-Controller seems to be the way to go. If your gonna do that you may as well get the new one.

There is a video out that shows all the upgraded components.

2016 above 2015 is a no brainer, go for the better machine. I did all the mods 1 to 8 from my list an it has become a lot better.

  1. Wheel tensioners (I have a lathe)
  2. Nyloc nuts (all bolts)
  3. All wiring plug and play (modified all wires to have connectors)
  4. One piece X makerslide (120 minute mod, 40x4 aluminium)
  5. Smash protection for limit switches (OD switch plates made on the machine itself)
  6. Pre tapped makerslide (not difficult but boring)
  7. Permanently mounted pulleys (Modified to M4)
  8. Z-probe (Arduino)

Not implemented as my starting point is a running machine.

  1. X Controller up to 4A
  2. Heat sink and FAN
  3. Molded belt clamps
  4. Side board
  5. 750mm option

Erik, is a wheel tensioner and an eccentric spacer the same thing?

Hey Kasey,

Not sure your whereabouts in Canada but I am just outside of Ottawa. When i did the math, i decided to not order the wasteboard (to save on shipping), and have it all shipped to Ogdensburg, NY. Its about an hour drive to cross the border. Even with the duty charges, i will still save about $200USD (Well worth a drive…)

I asked the Inventables team to hold my order until the X-Controllers came in, and the universe aligned because the upgrade just happened as well. So, my order should arrive sometime late September and I will be picking it up all at once as one package…

Can’t wait … :smile:

Yes, you put the tension on the wheel by adjusting the eccentric spacer (no thread) or eccentric nut (threaded).

The new XC addresses most of the issues people have had with their machines.
I HIGHLY recommend going with the newer version. You will avoid a lot of headaches. You will not regret it. :wink:
If you are looking to save a little money you can forgo getting the wasteboard (the shipping on it is $$$) and make you own from locally purchased materials.
(Be sure to order extra bolts and hardware if you do)

Thank you everyone for the feedback! By the sounds of it I will have to bite the bullet and spend the extra money for the newer XCARVE! I really wanted the wasteboard as it looked so pretty! But when I saw that it was going to cost me another 200$ to ship it I quickly removed it from my cart! How would I go about requesting the bolts and hardware from inventables?

@RonSabourin I live in North Bay, Ontario about 4 hours from Ottawa, to bad I finished school in Ottawa otherwise that would of been a good idea!

@KaseyHellawell That is unfortunate… but if you call the inventables team for the extra hardware they’ll be more than happy to assist… Enjoy!

Looks like It’s costing me 1,941.63 CAD for this thing! Hope its worth it!


Hi Kasey,

If you would like to make your own waste board, check out this article in the support center:

All the hardware is listed there. You will also find the link to the silk screen graphic there as well.


@SamAlaimo do you recommend I wait untill my xcarve arrives or should I be able to build it before my xcarve shows up? I only ask because I ordered the new one that will ship end of September so I have lots of time on my hands. Also I love that there is a file to do the printing but any ideas on how to go about it? Is it easy to do myself?

You can save a lot of time using a sheet of MDF with only a few inserts on the most obvious places. For the rest, just drill, glue, nail whatever you want and replace the MDF once a year.

The new updates they did to the X Carve look amazing. I was dead set on buying a Shapeoko 3 until I saw this. Now I am really torn. I love the community, I love Easel, and the updates look to be amazing.

The only downsides (to me) still are the smaller y axis extrusions that I know people have had flex problems with and the smaller 6.35mm GT2 belts (versus the 9mm belts on the shapeoko 3.)

I see that inventables sell 9mm GTS Belts, but will those work on the new machine? I noticed that in the updated they made permanently mounted pulleys. Do those fit 9mm belts? and if so, is it simply a plug and play and I can just order 9mm belts and install those instead if the smaller ones?

Those are the only things that are holding me back. And I don’t even know if those are real issues, more or less just things i have read. Your opinions on this would really help. My funds are limited and I want to make the best choice.