Is there any way of improving the Xaxis

I have been cutting circles which are coming out slightly oval, I have been searching the forum and it all points to it being a mecanical problen such as pulley wheels too loose or too tight or belt too loose or tight, I find it hard to get the pulleys right, they are hard to get at inside the gantry with the allen key, I am using the X controller, I have replaced the Z axis with a linear actuator and that works fine, no belt or pulley wheels to worry about, is there any way to upgrade the Xaxis, the Xcarve is the only CNC machine I have seen so I don’t know much about them

Have you calibrated the steppers?

No, I have not calibrated the steppers, how do I do that, is there something I should read

X-carve=2016, 2 piece X axis, new 1 piece ordered, Xcontroller=Yes, belt tension I have not measured but it’s fairly tight, as for the rest I have to learn how to calibrate the steps per mm and the potentiometers, and what is the proper method for v wheel tension

Thank’s Phil for the links, that will be a great help, I have checked the Z axis and I had to reset to 94.560 which is perfect, I am now doing the X and Y

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