Is there any way to import an "c2d" file into easel?

Is there any way to import an “stl” file into easel ?

This website talks about how to convert Carbides c2d format to svg which can then be worked into Easel.

The .STL files need more processing. I use Vectric V-Carve Desktop to do this.

.c2d is the file format for the competition’s free program Carbide Create.

It can be converted into a couple of different formats in a couple of different ways:

  • use the unofficial converter which is available in the Unofficial Shapeoko Facebook group — doesn’t support all features unfortunately
  • upload the file to the project sharing site — the preview which is generated is an SVG and can be downloaded using a browser which handles SVGs nicely such as Google Chrome
  • generate G-Code, then use Scorchworks’ G-Code Ripper to convert the G-Code

STL is a 3D file format — you’d need to find a tool which could flatten that into a DXF or something similar