Is there any way to restart a job where it left off?

So once my computer fell asleep and I lost a job. Another time I accidentally hit the stop button instead of the the pause button and lost a job. I want to be able to start where it stopped. Can it be done?

There’s no way to resume where it left off. You basically need to start over. If your spindle returned to its home position (like when you hit stop), you could restart the project. When it has happened to me, I’ve left the spindle motor off until it got close to the point where it would start to cut again. I only do this to save wear on the brushes.

I don’t think you can in Easel, but if you use UGS to send g-code files to the X-carve, you can.

In UGS, after the job starts, hit pause and you can turn off the g-shield/arduino power supply, just don’t close out UGS or turn off your computer. Once you are ready to resume, turn the power supply back on and hit resume.

You can do this inside ChiliPeppr. Find the line of Gcode it died on and choose “Set as New Start Position”

If you find it hard to figure out which line it died on, you can enter “Inspect Mode” and move your mouse around the 3D viewer. Each line of gcode is highlighted with a cylinder around the line and a fly-out menu that shows you which line of Gcode that generated the line. Then “Go To” the gcode line and choose “Set as New Start Position”

Inspect Mode is turned on at top of 3D viewer.

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it’s 2021 now and this message and answer was from 2016 so is there any way now to restart where I left off. my Mac when into sleep mode and my spindle stopped. it says it saved my settings for the cut but I cannot find any way to pull up any file that will allow me to restart the project where I left off. this is m y first real project with easel and there is no fix to this issue that has to be somewhat common especially for newbies like myself there is no way im paying for easel Pro. this is a 4 hour job also. UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

This would be a real bonus in pro if you could scroll the progress bar to a specific point in the carve. It would be a real deal maker for me to purchase pro.

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I’m new to the cnc x carve. My computer loss power and stuck in the middle of 5 1/2 hrs of work. Is there any way to save my work on easel pro. And resume from where I left off.

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No…. Sorry.

You can eyeball it and re run the program from the start, but you will never be able to re find the exact start point you had unfortunately.

Roast some marshmallows and try again!

If you performed a homing cycle before setting your work zero position then you can choose “Use last home postition” aka work zero.

Easel / Easel Pro dont support resume on an aborted carve, but you could edit the gcode file removing most of the pre-carved part.

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… I would add, if anyone need help editing the GCode, let me know (EST zone). Pretty simple. You just keep/edit some lines from the beginning, delete the accomplished parts and done. Notepad can do that, you just have to know what means what. Seems to me XCarve uses like max 10 commands.

I general, it is only worth to use it for restarting an aborted job IF

  • precious material, already spent a lot of time on it
  • you are at or you can go back to X=0,Y=0
  • material did not move
  • you know how much you removed already

Otherwise it might be better to just start from the beginning…