Is there any way to run Carvey with the spindle turned off?

I am looking into cutting vinyl with my Carvey but the bit that I’m looking to purchase requires the CNC mill to run with the spindle turned OFF. How do I do this with Carvey? I’m not too familiar with using this machine yet.

Also, may be a dumb question, but how do I use Carvey to cut plain cardstock/paper? What bit/settings would be best for this? I know this is not made for paper cutting, but since I have it, might as well use it for all purpose projects.

Thank you!

you can get of 3d print a drag knife to cut card board.

Here’s a link to a post about setting up a drag knife.

@Heidi You can set the spindle speed to zero and use some sort of drag knife as others have mentioned.