Is there away to get Easel to Subtract a merge, rather than Add the two?

I’ve been playing around with easel more and more for an upcoming video…

Using the combine tool, I have been able to make several more complicated shapes, by combining them, then getting that to be milled on an outline.
Is there away to make the overlapping shape get subtracted from the first?

i.e. if you overlap a circle onto 1 side of a square, combining the two gives a square with a semi-circle sticking out the side. can it be done so the semi-circle cuts into the square instead, or give you the choice?

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Set the piece you want to subtract to a depth of 0.

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BOOM! Thanks Nam37! :smile:



My god, Alarm, this guy is building secret weapon. :smile:

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MWAH! HAhahaaaaa! :smile:

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least intuitive feature ever.

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I want an “un-combine” feature…


Does this feature still work? I’ve been trying to figure this out for several minutes… I have similar shapes (square w/ circle protrusion), but want opposite side of circle to be a cutout… I select the circle (desired to be subtracted), set to cut of 0, select all, combine, and show outline of “all”, and circle is gone… What am I missing?