Is there some way to copy something from easel and paste it into another program?

I have made an outline of an image using the inlay generator however it has an inner part and an outer and I want to separate the two but because it was made in the inlay generator the two sets of line are treated as one and cant be separated. If I could bring them into Photoshop I could just erase the inner line then convert to an svg but when I paste it Photoshop registers it as a big black box. If anyone has any solutions to this or has some way to get just an outline of something that would be greatly appreciated.

Doesn’t one of the Easel apps do just that? Exploder? I haven’t toyed around with it myself, but if I’m not mistaken, you could use it to separate the pieces, then just select the one you don’t want and delete it. And in that case, explode it, make a copy, and delete the inside in one and outside in the other.

I thought so but I couldn’t get it to work. I was probably just doing something wrong. I will play around with it tonight and see what I can do.

@BrentBousquet, could you share the project or image you’re working with?