Is this a big deal? What is this part called?

Just noticed this piece is loose and moves as the rod spins? Is it a big deal? Any fix?

Is that part of the bearing? I’ve never seen that before.

Did your bearing self destruct?

I was hoping no one was going to say bearing. As of right now it’s still semi attached. So no bbs fell out yet. Does the plate come with the beating already installed?

If that is the bearing shield, it is not essential to the working of a bearing in theory, but from experience I can say without the shields it will clog up the inside of the bearing pretty fast. It’s a cheap fix though. In the meantime, you could turn it upside down so a shielded side is facing the work area.

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However, it’s a flanged bearing. It’s not truly reversable without flipping the entire motor plate which may not work properly or be easy.

You can just order a new one and while you wait, you can still carve.

Changing the bearing is possible but you have disassemble some. You’ll need to take off the ACME rod pulley, slide the Z axis down so the rod comes out of the pulley, remove 2 screws, take old one out, put new one in, replace the 2 screws, slide the Z axis back up and reattach the pulley. I would just loosen the set screws on the pulley and not take the belt off of it.


Is it a push in or do i need a press?

these types of bearings usually just push in, the dust shield is just plastic after all. I would clean and re-lube the bearing first as dust will have gotten into the bearings. But more importantly make sure as to why this happened, it should not of had enough pressure placed onto the bearing to pop this out. If there is a reason (not just manufacturer defect) it should be addressed first or it will just happen again.

The bearing assembly is a drop/push in. It’s a relatively loose fit. It is held in place by the two screws (you can see the screws in the picture, the screws are about halfway on the flange of the bearing.

Your Z axis belt might be on too tight so its loading the bearing too much. Not sure why it may pop like that.


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