Is this a good bit to get to plane my wasteboard?

I notice some area are not going all the way down, I need to plane the wasteboard I know someone post it the easel file but I can’t find it.
CMT 852.001.11B Dado & Planer Bit with Bearing, 1/4-Inch Shank, 3/4-Inch Diameter

That bit will do a fine job, so will this one for less money.

If you have a 6mm collet you can get the same bit for about $2, I think it is worth buying the 6mm collet just to save money on tools, for some reason the metric sizes are much less.

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ok i order that bit, any tips on how to use easel to performe this task ?

just do a pocket cut inside a rectangle the size of your wasteboard about .03 deep, then watch to be sure the entire board has a bit cut off, if it misses any spots because they were over .03 low then rezero and run it again.

I like to leave a lip on the left side and front of the wasteboard about .25 wide to use as an alignment guide. But that is optional.


Just draw a large square in Easel, set width/length to your intended size and carve it down to 0.03" increments.
One simple trick to use in order to check that all of the surface is actually cut is to lightly spray paint the surface with i.e black prior to levelling it. Any missed spots by the levelling/carve will show as still painted.

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Can do a 12x12x.1 in under a minute!

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For that price a minute seems to long.


Not for the buttery smoooth flat bottom i get… EVERY TIME!

I get the same smooth surface with my $3 tool

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Not nearly as fast tho

@AllenMassey You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the 6mm shank version would you? I just got my 6mm Elaire collet.

I dont think i can justified spending $120 on a bit

It says 1/4 in the description, but it is really 6mm. Lots of bit on eBay say they are 1/4 and then you find out when you get them they are 6mm/

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The finish and speed and the fact that u can swap out the inserts make it very much worth it. At least to me. Some may disagree… However once one side is dull u just rotate the insert 90 or 180 and done.
On speed setting 6 i can cut at 150 ipm .1doc

Some of these bits are actually designed to plunge and others are not. If you can manage it in Easel, I suggest, ramping your plunge (v-carve does this). Especially if you are thinking about trying 150 ipm at .1" DOC, without substantial modifications.

I don’t think it would hurt anything to plunge this fast, but it is definitely going to torque an original z/x assembly… I can hear it now.


I bought this one myself.
Any surfacing bit should work fine as long as its sharp and of good quality.

?? Unless it is a mortising bit not designed for plunging right Stephen?

Mortising bits are not meant for other stuff.
Anyway I am not interested in plunging with this one.

Came across this online :

I like the price and the 2-3/4" width! Make for some quick planing.

The question: Would this work with the X-Carve?

Don’t run run anything that big in your router. :open_mouth: That one has a 1/2" shank anyways.