Is this forum important to you?

So… which is it?

Your just here to argue. Doesn’t seem like you have a real opinion. Just the need to state one. Thanks for keeping the unneeded post alive.

and you’re here expecting everyone to agree with you or just shut the hell up.

I do agree with your original point. I don’t think this thread will fix anything. Case and point. You’re now just contradicting your first post, personally attacking some random guy that happens to not agree with you.

that, my friend, is as bad of a problem on this forum as the whole newbie vs. veteran drama.

Just accept different views. Discuss. Agree to disagree. It’s all good. There is grey between the black and white.

Would you both just knock it off already?!

This is precisely the problem with all of this, everyone seems to need to have the last word.


Amen! :stuck_out_tongue: