Is this possible with the x carve?

Just a qiuck question a am affraid I already know the answer to,is it possible to do something like this with the x carve ?

If not I assume it is related to easel,right ?

The X-carve could do that, although It would require 3D carving software. Easel is not capable of doing this, maybe in the future as they are improving it all the time.

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Yep, that’s entirely possible! Either MeshCAM or V-Carve will generate the appropriate code for you, no problem at all. The X-Carve is entirely capable of the job. :smiley:

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Thank you guys :grinning: Then new software might be my next investment :smirk:

I would certainly very strongly suggest V-Carve Desktop. It has worked above and beyond all my expectations.

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Thank you Dan :grinning: Have you also tried MeshCam ?

I see that MeshCam is a little less expensive,do you know if there are big differences between the two and which one is the easiest to learn for a total noob like me :scream: :smile:

Yes, I own both, actually. :smile:

MeshCAM is awesome for 3D profiling a model, and it’s my go-to if I have a 3D shape I want to make, particularly if milling both sides is required. V-Carve is not quite as easy to use, but has a lot more capability. It’s not quite as easy to use for pic-engrave like this, MeshCAM makes that a real snap, but the V-Carving ability is really superb. If I could only buy one, it’d be V-Carve. Being able to make lettered signs so easily is just a load of fun. They both have very good free trials, grab 'em and give 'em a shot!

EDIT: Plus, V-Carve has most of your conventional CNC operations (pocketing, profiling, even drag engraving) available as options. MeshCAM is only a 3D model profiler.

Thank you so much Dan :grinning:

Then i will have to go do some thinking,and maby a little wallet shaking :joy:

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When I bought my 1000 x 1000 unit, V-Carve desktop wasn’t an option, so I bought the Pro version and haven’t looked back. The training videos are awesome and every time I look at one I learn something new. Have a look at them and see what you think.


I think it’s worth it, myself. The $350 I dropped on V-Carve Desktop I’d consider as adding about 50% to the utility of my X-Carve. Making signs with it becomes trivially easy, and loads of fun!

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BlenderCam supposedly does this as well.

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All what is free has to be tested first :grinning: My first impression is that this is not without limitations,and user interface is not all that.
But it is free so nothing to loose :grinning: