Is this project possible with X-CARVE?

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Materials: 3/4" Marine grade Douglas Fir ply. Thats it : )

In the photos is a small table i built a few months ago, i refer to it as the “prototype”(too many flaws). This was all done by hand and as you can imagine, as much fun as it was experimenting with this project, it was truly a PITA. And I generally reserve such descriptive claims for other things, such as the ex wife, tax season and elections…I’d like to do this project again and refine it and was hoping that i could do this with the X-CARVE.

The entire table is constructed of individual layers of 3/4" ply, then glued together, shaped, sanded, rinse and repeat for about a week until desired look is achieved or until ones arm goes limp. What i have in mind, assuming I end up using Fusion 360, is that i can design this and then separate the entire CAD drawing into 3/4" horizontal slices that can be individually programmed and with any luck, end up with a piece count that can be ultimately cut out with the XC and then assembled by hand. I’d say my goal isn’t to speed my work process up but rather achieve a more precise product, as this would make assembly and shaping far easier and quicker in the end.

I make a lot of furniture out of ply, so im loaded with old and new ideas, but this particular project is likely the one that could possibly be what i’d determine as the variable as to whether i go with the XC or dreadfully, a much more expensive product, which truthfully, isn’t in my budget for oh say…the next few years. : )

So my question is, do i have realistic expectations of what the XC can perform? Is this doable? Is there a better CAD program for a project of this nature?

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Short answer yes.
Just keep in mind you will be limited by maximum printing size for 1000mm xcarve for a lot of furniture.
Best job of creating slices I seen so far was in free AutoCAD 123D.

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Autocad 123D looks very promising from the video i watched. Thank you very much for your input. Fascinating what todays technology can do.