Is u.m.h.w good for making a mount for my router to attach to the back plate?

Hello all, I’m finding it nearly impossible to find h.d.p.e anywhere around me, and where I have found it, it won’t be in stock for 3 weeks. It’s too expensive for me to order it from here as I live in Canada and have to pay $1.30 per $1 plus Canadian tax of $0.13 per $1 plus shipping to Canada!!!
So I did find u.m.h.w about 40 mins from me. Before I make the drive and possibly waste my money. Have any of you used this stuff and is it suitable?
Also, I live near London ontario. If anybody lives near me and knows of a good source of things such as this, I’d really appreciate it!
Leevalley is my main source, and I’ve recently found workshopsupply in embro.
Thanks in advance!

I havent heard of that, but will look it up now. Thanks!
And ya, I did notice it seems to be more expensive, but for what I need, (just a mount for Makita 701) price isn’t an issue if it’s better material.

I just checked that site and they are closed and don’t have a shopping type website Where u can buy from them online and they ask your company name when u contact them, so I dunno if they sell to the public. Have you bought from them before?

ok thanks.

I make my own hdpe blocks from old 5 gallon buckets cut up and put in to a metal cake pan then melted in a toaster oven. If you are up to that task youtube has plenty of vids of the process.

I think it’s time to save all that is needed cause that stuff is expensive! I just paid like $40 for a 4" by 2’ 3/4" thick from leevalley. (Canadian dollars) lol