ISO Mechanical Engineer Help

This likely does not fit it with the guidelines of being strictly Inventables business but there are a lot of skilled people on this forum and it’s the only one I participate in, so…

I’m looking for some engineering advice or maybe even simply want to hire out a job. I really have no formal skills in this area. I need a gadget for spinning dowel rods while they are being painted. I made one out legos but I want to improve it.

@PhilJohnson you do some pretty great work along these lines, what do you think?


That shouldn’t be very difficult. What changes would you like to make?

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Chuck up in a drill or drill press ? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying guys!

@LarryM the ideal would be a multistep procedure that drops a new rod on, brings down three paintbrushes, paints the rod, then kicks is out, and brings another one in. For now, I’d mostly like to have be more stable and add the three brushes.

@PhilJohnson I had considered tearing pieces out of other electronics, and a microwave motor is a good consideration, but I’d prefer to be a to control the speed better. An actual speed control would be great, like the belt feed motor for my drum sander, but gearing could work.

@DarrylKegg too fast of speeds and too much work between pieces, we made about three thousand of these just during our Christmas rush. I want a better faster way.

@RobertCanning I’ll have a look, thanks. Maybe there is something out there right now that is close enough. Dipping wont work though because we need the different colors.

may not fit your needs but I used a variable speed drill clamped in to a vice to paint bands on home made arrows. Used a velcro strap to set the speed on the trigger.

opps sorry jumped the gun and did not read to the bottom

I don’t have a picture, but I’ll see if I can use words (not my best attribute).

You could have three rotating foam disks the width of your paint stripe along a shaft the correct distance apart. Each disk would have a pan below it with the appropriate colored paint in it. As the disks slowly rotate through the paint you could roll the dowels over the disks at the right height to touch the foam disks as the dowel passes over them.

If this is not clear let me know and I’ll try again.

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That’s very clear and also quite ingenious as it is simpler and solves serious issues with using paintbrushes i.e. reloading the paint, and clumping bristles. Great idea! :+1: