Issolated Y axis motors?

I meant to ask this before but never got around to it. I upgraded my X-Carve with the upgrade package and new controller. The new setup allows you to connect each Y axis motor to a separate controller or in parallel. Since I didn’t want to deal with running additional wires I opted for the parallel choice. Is there any disadvantage to this. I noticed that the Y axis can pretty easily get out of true because one side is behind the other. I don’t thik issolated motors would make a differece.

Any thoughts?

I knew this but was wondering if it really would make a difference. What would I expect to see improve?

You’ll have more torque available across the RPM spectrum of the steppers.

The stock steppers are 2.8A, you’ll give them about 2A each. It’s about 30% less torque.

More torque just allows for faster feeds, deeper cuts, etc.

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Guess there’s some wiring work in my future … sigh :slight_smile:

About a year ago I bit the bullet and upgraded my machine for independent Y power, new drag chain setup, and touch probe. While the new drag chain part did require drilling a new hole in the X axis end plate I recommend doing all three upgrades at once - always had problems with the old drag setup sagging and the new design is more better.