Issue after issue

So now that I got the jogging to work with the help of customer service, I was going to start this project this morning. I offset my project to home in center of material and it when I start carve it goes 5 inches north of the material. So I homed my machine again. When I home my machine to the bottom left of waste board it shows me

X -35.438
Y -37.928
Z 1.663

This just doesn’t seem right to me. And I am no code writer or reader. How do I fix this?


I had some issue with that so every time I start something in a different place now i put the material where on the board i want it use a v bit an jog machine to the very corner i wnt to start that at an zero the DRO on the program. An it seems to nail just where I need it every time now. . U might have to hand turn the x and y to get it exact but you can set zero anywhere you like

Hey @MikeFisher1, I took the weekend off for my class reunion. So, I’m just now recovered enough to focus on trying to figure this out. I’ll try doing what you suggested. I’m thinking for some reason easel is not registering my home position, no matter where I put it. Just because when I initially home the machine to lower left corner of my waste board it is not showing 0,0,0. Which I believe is where it should be…correct me if I am wrong.

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OK, something is off.

I tried doing an air carve on an 11.125 x 25 piece. The project measures 10 x 22. The machine literally went all the way to limit switches on the Y axis and acted like it wanted to go farther. so I stopped it.

last thing I need is a broke machine. So here are a few pictures. One is readings when I am at Home Position on lower left corner of waste board. Other

is my settings right now.

For further reference, I have a 1000x1000 x-carve, with uprgaded 9 mm belts.

Yes your correct but could be a inches to mm is not being recognized to happened to me, I’ve learned just because you change the measurements don’t mean they got changed too . My system doesn’t have allot of memory so it takes usually a full 10 seconds before the measurements actually change in the little pull down box an don’t go bact to what they were

Wondering if this is a customer service needed issue? This happened after they helped me fix all axis not moving at all. Sighhh

Contacted CS and yep it was coding because of the upgraded belts. $100=26.66 & $101=26.66 for 9mm belts.

Thanks for your help in trying to fix it.


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:+1: glad you got it fixed

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