Issue cutting inside of triangle

I am trying to cut a triangle shape, however it seems that the cut out shape doesn’t match the actual dimensions displayed on easel. For example one segment of the triangle is 7.25" and I am choosing the option of cutting on the inside of the line option. What i have noticed is the triangle cut out shape doesn’t touch the boundary box which appears why it isn’t cutting to exact dimensions. Does anyone know why this happens? See picture below. The shape i’ve imported is from a dxf file, but i have also tried SVG both with same issue. Anyone else have this issue?

Welcome to the forums. Looks to me like if the shape does not go all the way to the boundart box you just need to make it large enough to touch it. Not sure what sizes you are working with but why not just enlarge it to what you want?

From looking at the picture, it looks like you are cutting on the inside of the path. Change the setting to cut on the outside of the path. Set the measurements to the desired size.

I would like to cut out a triangle in the center of a piece, So wouldn’t I need to cut on the inside path of the line. The issue is lets say one segment is 7" after cutting the piece came up short, from reviewing the cut out area in easel it does appear less than the boundary box that is based on specified dimensions. If i choose cut on the outside, the cutout would be too big. Just trying to figure how to cut this shape exactly, never really ran into this problem before.

I wouldn’t worry to much about the bounding box. Your best to actually try it and measure the cut out to confirm the size.

Remember though, the cutters we use are round and they will never cut all the way into the corner of a triangle. The cutter only goes until it touches both sides. This leave a radius corner, which will make it seem like the side is short. The larger the cutter, the bigger the radius.

Perhaps easel is indicating this, by not drawing the lines all the way to the bounding box.

If you want to cut a 7" triangle then you would make the triangle 7" in Easel and cut Outside shape path.

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I would note that the dimensions are exactly what you input. if you zoom in you should notice that the line cuts all the way to the little dot (just touching the inner part not the outer part). then take into account the the bit you are using is round (not flat like the line) then you would get the dimensional difference.

to get this as close as possible (this is why pi is a non-duplicating number to express a circle) make sure that your machine is calibrated to as close as possible and that the bit you are using is measured as close as possible (make a cut and measure the width of cut and input that as bit size).

sorry it is what it is.

This. It is for selection purposes and is larger than the actual defined dimensions.