Issue Planing Waste Board

New X-Carve and just tried my 3/4" bottom cleaning bit and noticed something weird and not sure what could be causing it.

I set it to cut .05 total over like a 20 x 20 square and the first depth cut looked great, on the second final pass it was a very shallow cut and i am getting an angled line from the center to upper right corner. And the cut is almost none when it steps over to the right then left for the next pass. Any points in the right direction would be helpful. Thank You.

I also just took a second look at the first cut and it was doing the same thing just not as much

I think your’s bit is not tight well and he slips out little by little. Try tighten it more.

I have had that experience with a cheap(est) palm router, bit shifted inside the collett.

Thanks guys, I checked my v wheels again and adjusted how you said Phil and checked for play in the Delrin nut which seems to be good. I did notice that i have to slightly shim the bottom of the spindle so I will do that this afternoon and try it again. I will also check my bit tightness as well. Thanks for the replies guys.

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I had this same exact issue planing my MDF over the weekend. That line occurred from play in the spindle/Z-axis not being totally square with the MDF as well as too slow of a cut speed.

I re-tightened my V-wheels, squared up the spindle (again) and ran my program at 96ipm cutting .050" DOC (from 40ipm and .015" DOC) and that line did not show up the next go-around. Hope this helps.

Thanks Joel, I am in the process of doing this right now

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Ok all good now, thanks again for the feedback

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