Issue with 1/4 shank 60 degree v-bit

Hello everyone,

I just started to get to know my machine and seem to be having issues with every carve when I apply the 1/4 shank 60 degree vbit for detail work, on pine. For the peice pictured I used a 1/16 end mill with my spindle set to 2, and settings set for soft maple. All cuts are set at .08in. Then when I use the vbit all I adjust is the spindle which is between 2 and 3. I’ve tried setting it at 1 and also have tried setting the spindle at 4. Still I get these rough finishes. Any help would be appreciated.

Could be the bit is not sharp but i would say it is the pine.

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I use pine all the time and I agree with @WayneHall dull bit or to much moisture in the wood