Issue with controller

I just purchased a used X-Carve from someone locally, and I am trying to get this thing to carve correctly. I have been using a test piece of MDF and an 1/16" upcut bit. I tried to carve a simple square and this is what happened. Any thoughts to what is going on?

What are your cut settings?

Feed Rate - 1016MM/Min
Plunge Rate - 305mm/Min
Depth per pass - 0.8mm

It says that’s what recommended.

looks like you need to go through the setting in easel, Machine, advanced, safety height, maybe even go through the complete set up again.

I will give that a try. Here is another photo that I took of something I am trying to carve as well. It seems that the sides of the image are carving differently.

I am pretty sure you are loosing steps.

Nema17´s? (Faceplate of motors 1.7" across?)
Gshield? Calibrated the current limit?

What are your GRBL settings for $100-102, $110-112, $120-122?

Nema 23’s , Gshield. I am not sure what you mean by “calibrated the current limit” or how to check the GRBL settings.

My X-Axis was a bit off center, but I still have the same issue with the sides not being even. I will continue to go through the calibration instructions.

You are losing steps for one reason or another.

Belts/pulleys loose
Low current on affected axis
Overheating on affected axis due to over current.

First, check all set screws to make sure each pulley is not slipping.

Does your machine jog correctly when not cutting? Try to send a longer travel move in both the x and y axis, preferably at a fast speed which will help identify issues.

Also, take a picture of the controller so we can see the potentiometers.

The stepper drivers (which control the stepper motor) have a current limiter.
This affect power, set to low = underpowered motor, set to high, it will oveheat/shut down until temp is okay again.

Viewing / changing GRBL settings:

I finished a rolling table for the unit, and was able to start working on this. My X-axis was still a little off, and I was able to adjust this. The videos I have seen have the pulley’s being able to be turned by hand easily.

Should this be the case with all of them? Some are tighter than that and cannot be hand spun.

I checked the X-axis potentiometer and kept it on center. I was working going to work on the Y-axis, but my laptop died and may have to wait until it gets repaired or replaced.