Issue with not cutting correct depth

Here is a picture of some clamps that I am trying to cut. These are some clamps that I found in another post here on the forum. The original had 3 claps, some images on the clamps and layed out different. I deleted one of the claps, the images and moved them to line up vertical instead of horizontal.

Notice the cuts on the left side. The are set to cut at .6 (depth of stock I’m using). The cutout works fine on the top, right and bottom. On the left, the cut does not go all the way though and is actually funky (technical term) looking in the detail view.

Here is the link in Easel if you want to look at the actual setup.

What is causing the left to not cut correctly?

You need to publicly share your project.

Ok, I’ve edited the original link to be a publicly shared link. Thanks, Donnie

Selecting your profile cut, then Edit -> Bring to Front fixes your cut through.

My guess is that there was some issue from the original file, maybe when things were grouped.

Thanks Robert! I did and you instructed and now it looks like it will cut all the way through.


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