Issue with oversize app bitmap

It seems currently it allows setting a large bitmap for the app. This isn’t then scaled in the app view, causing an overlap.

You can see from this screen grab how my bitmap has gone over the app next to it. Need either some kind of warning when setting the icon about image sizes, or to scale it down when displaying apps and their icons

@paulkaplan or @JeffTalbot can take a look at that. I think @chrisbalin might need to fix it though.

It’s app # 44 BTW

Can you go into the File menu in Easel and replace the bitmap with a smaller one?

yes I can, but thought you’d want to know since a simple bit of html/css can stop it from happening :wink:


Thanks @andy4us @chrisbalin can you please fix the HTML/CSS so that doesn’t happen anymore?


I just noticed this was fixed :slight_smile: