Issue with seemingly random toolpaths

Hey all! I just cut a bathysphere coffee table last month just fine, and in attempting the second one, I’m having issues with these seemingly random cuts being generated on the outside of where I want cut. My workpiece is 32" x 23" X2" tall. I’m attempting to carve a smaller area inside of that(30"x20"x1.9") and while most of it seems to be in order(the roughing pass looks amazing), the finishing pass is going over the entire workpiece again, and seemingly cutting random edges into the workpiece. You can see the edges being cut here.

I would like to just carve out the lake relief in the middle of the piece, and not machine anything else… Like the roughing pass is doing below.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

I think you’d need a model with ONLY the lake and not the perimeter shape in order to carve the lake only.

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