Issue with simulator view not showing the correct outline and fill cuts for stacked shapes

In my recent Fire Engine project and another new project I’m working on, I am seeing an issue in the simulator view where shapes stacked directly on top of each other in Easel look like they will not be cut as designed. This may just be an issue with the simulated view of the project, but I’m not sure because I’ve been tweaking the shape sizes to make the simulated view look correct before I send it to the x-carve.

I created a Sample project at the link below to demonstrate the issue. Let’s say I want to cut out a 2" square from 1/2" lumber, and I want the left half of the square to be .25" thick and the right half to stay .5" thick. I draw the 2" square and set it to cut the outside outline all the way through. I draw a 1x2" rectangle to cover the left half of the square and set it to cut the fill at .25" deep. Why does the simulator show some sides are still connected when the coordinates of the rectangle and square match exactly? To fix this, I play around with the size of the 1x2" rectangle to make it a little smaller until the simulator shows the square being cut through all the way around.

Steve try changing your layering send the gray section to the back, I opened and tried and it seemed to fix your issue.

Thanks Steve! Yep that fixes it. I can even make the gray section a little larger to get rid of the curved corners. Seems like it should work the other way as well though. So, moral of the story is to always put the outside outline cut on top.

Yep the layering will get you sometimes, glad I could help I have been watching your videos for quite a while, keep it up they are great to watch. Steve