Issue with UGS

So with a bit of advice and a learning curve, I’m getting the hang of using F Engrave and UGS.

But, after my first pass when the job is completed, I hit “return to zero” and my z axis keeps going up and up and up. The first time it toped out and i though I broke/bent something but I lucked out.

Now, every single time, I hit return to zero to do my v bit cleanup, and the zero goes up and up and up. I have to shut the sender off completely to get it to stop. Then I have to pray I line everything up again correctly to do my v bit cleanup, and the same for end mill clean up.

Help is appreciated.

Thanks for your time

I don’t see any reason to hit the return to zero command.
After job is finish, it returns to work zero anyway. If you want to change your bit, you can jog it PgUp and PgDn keys, set your new zero any flat surface and say Reset Z Zero, your X and Y doesn’t change.
Only one problem you may have. If F-Engrave gcode file have no M05 and M30 commands at the end, you may have to add it manually with any text editor like Notepad. I never use return to zero command ever.

With UGS, the return to zero goes to machine zero, not work zero.

Depends on which version of UGCS you are running. You have to look at the code sent when you press the “Return to Zero” button to see what it does on your machine.

after viewing Learning About G28 I believe that my zeroing is clearly the issue.

I thought I was doing it properly but I guess not.


Some versions of UGCS use the G28 command for “Return to Zero” and some do not.