Issue with Y1 not moving

ok I’ve had the pro since last Thursday when it was delivered. After two phone calls, two overnight shipments I still have not got this machine to work doing any carves. I’m now at the stage where I can plane the MDF boards. The problem that Im now having is the Y1 side of the gantry is not moving while the Y2 side of the gantry is moving. The head is working fine no issues. I have torn down and releveled it from scratch twice and still it does not work. The gantry will go all the way to the rear equally, manually. If anybody can help that would be great. meanwhile. Im contacting support again.

Typically this would be caused by loose wire or mismatched wiring, however since you’ve mentioned manual movement im thinking that the driver circuit may be damaged at this point… the gantry is not designed to me manually moved.

Moving it by hand when powered off will make the steppers generate power and push that back onto the driver. Moving too fast or too long (back and forth repetitively) can result in sending more power than the circuit can dissipate and blow components in the driver circuit.

You could verify that the issue is inside the controller by switching y1 and y2 at the back of the controller and verify that the issue switches sides… this would prove the issue is not the cable or the stepper itself.:man_shrugging:

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Sorry my wording wasn’t correct when I said I moved it manually. I was trying to say when I was jogging the gantry. I already tried reversing the Y1 & Y2 on the controller. CS is looking into it now. Thnx for your response.

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