Issues Cutting All The Way Through Material

I have a 3018Pro CNC machine and keep trying to get the machine to cut all the way through the material, but it won’t. I have attached images of my set up.

I am cutting through soft pine that is .75 inches thick, so when I am entering the cut depth it is set for .75 inches. I also went ahead and cut other circles at .50 inches and .25 inches. As you can see its NOT even close to cutting all the way through the material. I have tried lowering the actual motor in hopes that would fix the issue, but it doesn’t. I have emailed the Manufacturer, Inventables Support, and now posting here. Thoughts???


If you jog the Z axis 2" up or down, how far is the actual, measured travel?

I lowered the bit to the surface and then clicked the 1in button. The first time it went barely a .5 inch. Second time it reached about .75 inch…That’s just a bit off…

more concern than just a bit off is the fact that it changed from movement to movement. if it is not consistent then setting or calibrating it will be of no help. (i.e. every time I move 1 inch it moves exactly .5)

if it can be made consistent then you can calibrate and adjust to make it work.

time to check for binding - lost steps - other reasons why it is not consistent.

get that worked out and then calibrate so that it moves exactly as programed (check on short runs like 10 mm and longer runs like 500mm. both should be spot on).