Issues since new driver installation?

So this morning I downloaded the new easel driver that it has been prompting me to download for the last few days. Today I was doing the fourth cut of the day and cutting the word “LEWIS” with an 1/16 bit. It said 19 minutes remaining so I left and went into the shop. When I came back 19 minutes later it said the cut was done, but it never returned to zero/home.

Crap. I figured I broke a belt. But I didn’t. The carve stopped over the “S” on “LEWIS”. And it never carved the “I”. It carved “LEW S”.

This has never happened for me. Concerned that it didn’t return home I did a new homing sequence. But I was worried about using the last x,y zero because it had stopped at the end of the word and said it was finished.

Because of this I set a new x,y zero. Sure enough I’m off a little bit and now this piece is ruined.

I’m pretty frustrated. I don’t understand why it skipped a letter and never carved the letter but more importantly why it stopped when it thought it was done the carve but didn’t return to the starting point.

Has anyone else experienced this?



Stop updating your software. When you have a machine that’s working, why break it?

If you homed prior to setting the first work zero, your best approach would have been to delete the already carved letters and used previous work zero after a re-home to finish it.

Your USB-connection probably dropped out, causing the carve to terminate.
Only a known reference point will save the carve at that point. Homing is one way to have that.