Issues uploading files I purchase that are 3D

I have purchased files off of etsy for a few projects that I want to do. I have tried to upload the DXF File for the projects, but Unfortunately, when Easel shows them they are not looking the way they are supposed to. the item I am trying to make is a heart-shaped serving platter. When I put the DXF file in easel it simply wants to cut out the shape of the perimeter of the tray. This is absolutely crazy. It seems as though the easy to use feature did not come with my machine.

DXFs are 2D…maybe post the file you purchased (or send in a PM). What part are you expecting to be 3D on a serving platter?
Also, maybe most importantly, Easel can’t generate 3D toolpaths.


A clarification here.
Easel cannot import 3d files and create 3d tool paths.
Different software can create 3d tool paths that can be imported into Easel then sent to the machine for carving 3d.