Issues when importing svg

Hi, im having some issues when importing a .svg into easel. some paths appear to be offset from their location. i attach the link to view it on easel, the circles should be inside the lines. i can also provide a link to the original svg.

i made it on illustrartor, like all the other projects i’ve done before, and i haven’t had any issues, until now.

does anybody has any idea why is it happenning?

I have had issues where my imported SVG files let me get to bit size and will spin its wheels not going on. Can not generate tool paths - I imported it into makercam and saved it again as an SVG and then it worked. Not sure if it will help your issue but it’s a try, tho building then importing and resaving seems like a bit of work.

It has something to do with how your svg file is formatted / exported.
I was not able to import the file into easel, I kept getting format errors.
I tried to fix the document in inkscape:

  • Ungrouping Files
  • Removing Clipping masks
  • Stroke to Path

But it kept erroring.
I copied the shapes and pasted them into a new document and I was able to import that with no offset. Though my default units are mm so I probably screwed up the scale.

What program did you use to create the SVG?
There is a help file on formatting SVG files

I had issues when saving them to SVG in CorelDraw, but worked fine when using Inkscape

I also could not import from inkscape as it comes as an object not a vector graphic. here what i did it may not be accurate but the principle can be adopted.
I selected the rectangles each and moved them a part i copared the object in inkscape and selected each group of holes and moved to the respective rectangles. I selected each rectangle including the holes and moved them to respective places. since I do not know the exact relation ship of the holes to rectangle they may be not accurate. I toolpathed it and it works.

hi, yeah, i just realized that i had an image in the svg file that was on one drive. however i removed it before uploading to easel.

so, you copied and pasted in which program? i’ve used adobe illustrator to create it.

I used inkscape.

yeah, as i mentioned, i left an image in the svg on onedrive. anyways, i understand that you rearrenged the paths on easel, is it right?

I tried again but there is no way for me to edit or resave the original file in inkscape and have it work. :confused:
It is something in the document properties / header info.
Copying the elements over to a new inkscape svg works fine

that’s right your drawing in easel is vector but on one drive is like an object I could not separate the individual holes and rectangles in inkscape.

Here i updated the original svg, without the image embeded. it should work fine now. i had problems using inkscape, so i couldn’t try to solve it there. for now (actually i cannot use it, don’t know why), i rearrenged it on easel and it looked fine, but i’ll keep trying to get my svg’s fine since the begining and see what can i do to use inkscape.

As far as I know we have Inkscape master in this forum. Name is sketch42. He is very good guy, might help you.

It works fine as long as you save and then open in inkscape instead of drag and drop. You need to select all ungroup and import into easel. what is the drawing for which material do you want to cut with?

I tried the suggestions here but had a frustrating and difficult time, was ready to break stuff :slight_smile: so I started searching for DXF to SVG tips, and found a simple solution for CorelDraw. Probably there is a similar technique in Adobe Illustrator. Much easier than trying to weld curves together. Just use the “Smart Fill” tool, doh!

Be sure to set the line width to hairline, and the fill color to something different from the imported DXF, then you can delete the original DXF objects.

Incredible! I was trying to import the sample gears from Wooden Clocks, and this technique simplified it down to a very easy process. Now to cut the gears and see if this introduces any variations that cause mechanical issues.

This is hardly a help file, more like basic info.