Issues when switching to v-bit, Hovering

I’ve been doing some basic things with my X-Carve since I got it set up. It’s probably about 5-6 years old. I bought it from a friend after it sat for 5 years. All the measurements say that everything is level with each other. The waste board and material are flat.

Running with a 1/8th end mill with a single flute has done everything I’ve asked. When switching to a V bit to do small detail and lettering I’m not getting any cutting. I made a quick 30sec video of me zeroing the Z with the paper method. Followings the instructions on Easel. Then clicking raise bit then running the g-code from Easel. I’ll add screen shots as well for those who can’t view video

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But are they parallel to the gantries plane of movement, because that’s what matters most.

Also, what happens if is was too carve at the location z zero was set, the same sort of issue? If not, than likely the board top isn’t parallel to the gantrys plane of movement.

Another request, can you post the grbl settingsb of your cnc? In easel press ctrl+shift+D then scroll to the bottom to see all of the machines settings… thanks!

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Will post machine settings tonight. The gantry is level to the wasteboard. Checked that last night as we.

If I use last postion I get the same result. When I zero the router then click “raise the bit” then cancle I and look at machine inspector it shows that Im .15 over work zero.

Howd this come along so far?

I’d suggest probing the various areas of the wasteboard using this card counting technique to verify the workpiece surface is parallel to the gantries plane of movement:

I also noticed the Cable Chain is inverted which could cause other issues with travel and crashes… here’s the instructions on that: X-Carve Instructions: Wiring

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