Issues wiith Fusion 360 Post Processor

I am currently having to make manual edits to the Gcode produced by the X-carve post-processor for fusion 360.

First, I am having to add an M5 to turn the router off once the carve is complete.

But the bigger deal is the gcode turns the router on moves to the start location in a straight line without lifting z until it gets to the start location. Currently, I am manually moving the z command above the move.

Any workarounds for this? I am sending the code with PicSender rather than Easel, but this is obviously a post-process issue.

I use a mach 3 post processor with Cambam and UGS. I just change whatever comes out as the Z height to a G0Z1.0 in after a G90/91 and G20/21 command . I make the height higher than my clamps so that it won’t run into them. The top of the work is Z zero as opposed to the bottom of the work. I turn my router on and off manually, so the M5 doesn’t impact me. I’d suspect you can set your clearance plane height somewhere in Fusion and it’ll come out automatically.

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You can modify the post processor. You won’t be able to find one that accounts for everyone’s preferred workflow.

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To me having a router bit turn on at the surface and not raising it at all before moving to the start location and then raising it only to immediately lower it again seems more like a bug. I am curious, is there a scenario where that would be useful.

Thanks for the feed back. I’ll either modify it or write a python script to process what I want.

Which post processor are you using?
If using the one provided by Inventables, they’re assuming you are using Easel which guides you to raise the Z before continuing.

I never have my Z-axis at zero when I start a carve. If I probe, there is a retract bult in to my macro. Regardless, I raise the tool to slide the dust shoe on.

Assuming you’re not enabling G28 in your post? In the GRBL post it says:
// disable to avoid G28 output for safe machine retracts - when disabled you must manually ensure safe retracts