Issues with Copy/Paste and Make a Copy

Easel will not let me copy, cut or make a ‘Project’ ‘Make a Copy’ of one of my projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can move things, add things but that’s not what I need. I just need to make a copy so I can reduce the size for another project without jeopardizing the original project. TIA

Thats odd but I know a trick that will generate a 2nd copy…

Can you go to Project>Share and set it to Unlisted and Copy that link?

If you can paste the link here or DM it to me, I can send a link back that will let you save a copy of my version of the file by clicking the blue banner st the top.

I have occasionally had the same problem. I log out of Easel then back in and it has always corrected itself. Steve


I ended up downloading the zip file and then opening in a new project.


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